Working at RoboRana

Steffen De Geyter

In November 2018, I was ready for a new professional challenge and I started to look for a new opportunity preferably with an exciting technology. I've started to look for smart automation technologies and stumbled on Robotics Process Automation (RPA). After some research, I have contacted RoboRana and started talking to Managing Partner Mathias Fransen. His contagious enthusiasm and no-nonsense talk convinced me to give it a shot and take a new step in my career.

Why working at RoboRana is better than great:

From day one I've joined a close-knit and very young dynamic group. The focus of Mathias and David (our operations manager) on the team ensures that you can work in a good, organized and pleasant atmosphere. One of the first things that struck me almost immediately was that everyone wants to help you when you have questions. There is no other service desk in the world with such a fast response time. Such a great team!

In addition to the team and a thrilling atmosphere, RoboRana always strives towards high quality and robust solutions. You are immediately immersed in the wonderful world of RPA and Intelligent Automation associated with the quality standards that are expected within RoboRana. Wim (our technical guru) teaches you how to develop and design never breaking RPA workflows, after which you are ready for your first assignment with the client. A first assignment is usually intense and stressful, but thanks to the helpful colleagues and team effort, you will quickly feel at ease.

Another important argument, for me personally, is that RoboRana always looks at what YOU want. Within RoboRana you don't have to deal with one set of predefined tasks or rigid hierarchies and complex procedures, which makes it a challenging and divers job with state-of-the-art technologies. With the support of Mathias and David, who are always strict but honest, you can discover your strengths/weaknesses as a consultant and decide your own career path.

It's always a risk when you jump into something new, but I don't regret it at all. During the past 9 months, I learned a lot about the technology, felt the great team spirit, worked on multiple projects and clients. Can't wait for my next assignment and look forward for new automation opportunities in the near future.

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