RoboRana is now a UiPath Gold Partner, the leading Global RPA Vendor!

The Gold Partner status is a global quality label granted by UiPath recognizing RoboRana's skills and capabilities delivering UiPath's cutting-edge RPA solutions across industries. 🏆

UiPath is a leading Robotic Process Automation vendor providing a complete software platform to help organizations efficiently automate business processes. The aim of RoboRana is to help enterprises from all sizes to realize their benefits with intelligent automation. RoboRana has proven track records in:

- Automating real-life projects from prototype cases to enterprise-grade successes

- Implementing RPA best practices, automation principles and quality assurance

- Delivering the ultimate learning experience with coaching or advisory workshops

- Certifications to fulfill any of the key roles in an RPA Center of Excellence

"This recognition allows us to guarantee that we have a team of fully qualified resources in place to deliver a high-end RPA product, together with the knowhow for a successful delivery of automated processes and the complete governance surrounding it."

This gold status is the result of hard work; and a lot training of the past period. At the moment, RoboRana has trained UiPath business analysts, advanced developers, infrastructure engineers, solution architects and sales and implementation responsibles. Since its start, RoboRana has worked intensively to gain this quality label which is particularly important for current and future customers.

Reach out to us in case of questions about UiPath, RPA and intelligent automation. 🐸