Recently graduated in Economics? Always had a big interest in technology and innovation? Eager to start your first job in IT, and ready to jump on the lightning-fast train of low code and intelligent automation? Well, you're just in the right place! At RoboRana, we're hiring young potentials to grow, together with our organization. Ready to join the ride?

As a scale-up, we offer you a career path with a steep learning curve. As you'll deep dive into diverse and challenging business cases, you will meet many people with different types of tasks. Often with one common feature: it contains boring repetitive tasks. Transferring data from one application to another, checking data for the requirements, calculating data, and so on. By interacting and connecting with different people who perform these tasks on a daily basis, you'll contribute to making their jobs more pleasant using automation, with or without the use of AI.

Your main task is to analyze your clients' daily assignments and subsequently automate them, following the best practices defined within RoboRana. These processes often come with many challenges. As a good low-code engineer, you interact with its users to find the best possible solution(s). While working with customers, you'll need to dive in their business to truly understand the business processes.

Additionally, a good engineer must be eager to know, learn and help their colleagues. The world of intelligent process automation is constantly evolving, so you should be continuously learning, reading, and overall just be passionate about the technology stack.

We're looking for a new colleague. Do you think we describe you with the skills you find below? Reach out to us. We'd love to hear you out!

Roborana, Graduate
Working with people from different backgrounds
Learning about new technologies
Variation in the job
Helping colleagues
Being challenged
Curious about tecnology
Eager to learn
Close-minded people
One-way communication

In a nutshell

Young potential
Problem solving
Analyzing: seeing details and big picture
Communication skills
Not being afraid to ask
Technical skills
Conceptual thinking
Coding (C#, .NET, Java)

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