Valuable insights into your operations are often hard to attain. However, those insights enable true business transformation. ABBYY enables us to gain insights into your company by accessing your real-time unstructured data, as data is the required fuel for digital transformation.

ABBYY is a market leading digital intelligence company that provides several solutions to accelerate your digital business transformation, such as digital, process and content intelligence platforms, in addition to mailroom and accounts payable automation.

More specifically, our strong partnership with ABBYY focuses on the Intelligent Document Processing skills (OCR, classification and extraction), which results in less paper documents and structured data. Most importantly, your company will be saving time and money, as manual effort to process documents will be reduced to a minimum. By using our RoboRana knowledge of ABBYY, continuous improvements will be sought.

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Our cases

We already helped several customers with our ABBYY expertise. Interested? Read our cases below.


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