With our Process Intelligence expertise, we combine the power of process automation (RPA or BPM platforms) with the wonderful world of artificial intelligence (AI). We cluster the various AI capabilities (they act as sort of plug-in skills) in three distinct categories, namely Data Intelligence, Document Intelligence and Conversational Intelligence. Combining these skills with structured process orchestration vastly widens the automation capabilities within an organization.

  • Data Intelligence skills use machine learning and micro-service scripting to allow better decision making, based on data.
  • Conversational Intelligence skills cover the understanding of natural language (spoken or text). This includes text-based chatbots, as well as voice assistants like, for example, Alexa. They enable Automation use cases that require interaction with people through voice or text (e.g. customers, employees, etc.). Bots powered by natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) along with RPA can transform how organizations interact with several stakeholders.
  • Document Intelligence skills are essential, considering that by most estimates, more than 80% of data in organizations are still in documents and forms. Thus the ability to read (OCR) and understand (classification and extraction) documents and forms are essential skills in the automation flow.

Our services

Data Intelligence

By adding Data Intelligence skills to our automated workflows, we are able to steer the direction of workflows depending on the available data. We use machine learning techniques and micro-service scripting in common AI languages, such as Python and R, to mimic human-like decision-making.

Document Intelligence

Intelligent Document Processing skills like OCR, classification and extraction are essential in the transition to a paperless world. We bring the right skills and state-of-the-art tools to tackle your unstructured documents (pdfs, images, mails...) and enable true intelligent process automation. We coach you to a tailored solution to automatically and easily process work orders, purchase orders, invoices, certificates, claims, bill of ladings and many more.

Conversational Intelligence

We bring you Conversational Intelligence skills where we combine the power of chatbots with automation platforms like RPA or BPM. For example, a RPA powered chatbot can integrate with disparate and multiple back-end enterprise systems and handles more complex and real-time customer/employee requests and queries at scale.
In the same way, chatbots, upon a user’s request, can trigger RPA to perform specific mundane tasks without routing them to a human agent.


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