Our goal is to provide Process Insights in the end-to-end business process by understanding and identifying activities and possible bottlenecks within the process.

With Process Insights, we create a wide and robust foundation for a process optimization and automation roadmap. We bring extra value and input to an existing automation platform by discovering and identifying additional business processes suitable for any automation.

Besides Process Mining, we extend your Process Insights with expertise in Data Analytics and Functional Analysis. Do you want to start your business transformation? Challenge us with your processes and together we will create, monitor and improve your resilient and efficient business processes. Moreover, we will help you optimize them for the future way of work.


Benefits of Process Insights for your company

Process Standardization

Consistent processes result in consistent outcomes, which is critical for consistent business results. Process Insights tools make data extraction from system logs easier, enabling processes that follow non-standard procedures to become visible. As a result, the whole organization will have the same understanding of underlying business processes - and this paves the way for process standardization.

Enabling Process Automation - Reduce Costs

Process insights can kickstart big change as they allow your company to become more process aware and take advantage of the existing data to drive operational efficiency. Connecting the outcomes of your Process Insights Track to one or multiple Optimization and Automation Tracks is where they really start to prove their value. Solution-oriented and data-driven automations are a gamechanger in the world of automation.

Improved Customer Experience

Optimizing a single process can lead to a shorter lead time and shorter reaction time, as you resolve process bottlenecks. With our Process Insights methods and tools, organizations can harmonize interdependent processes and highlight inter-process conflicts. This inevitably leads to more efficiency and provides a better customer service.

Our services

Process Mining

Process mining offers objective, fact-based process insights, derived from actual event logs, that help you audit, analyze, and improve your existing business processes by answering both compliance-related and performance-related questions. Use it in combination with RPA or BPM to identify and optimize your business processes.

Data Analytics

With our data analytics experts, we build your data dashboards that monitor the key performance indicators of your virtual workers (RPA bots for example). We align and compare your KPI's with the actual results after process automation and support your business case in order to scale your solutions. We offer comprehensive measurement, in-depth analysis, improvement specification and sustainability monitoring all tailored to your solution.

Functional Analysis - Business Analysis

Our functional and business analysts are ready to analyze your processes in depth by identifying business needs and gaining insights. By analyzing and streamlining your processes we prepare them together with you for optimization and automation. Our analysts provide tangible advise for your journey in automation and innovation.

Our Process Insights tools

Let's talk Process Insights

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