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After realizing a successful Proof of Value, PGB Pensioendiensten has decided to use RPA to digitize more back-office processes. The basic principle of PGB Pensioendiensten is that they want to build up the knowledge themselves to be able to develop and maintain robots.

That is why they looked for a partner who could help them with both development and training on-the-job.


The first process that has realized jointly is to automate the processing of transactions, which passed on to the back office system via the customer portal. Through co-development, PGB Pensioendiensten and Roborana together developed the robot and put it into production. This combination of process knowledge and RPA has led to a successful first robot.


  1. The first robot developed in co-development
  2. Started to train an internal RPA developer
  3. Reduction of processing errors
  4. Faster processing time of transactions
  5. Improved control of the mutation processing process
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