With the goal of enhancing the RPA footprint within KPN, decreasing the costs and speeding up the implementation of new RPA initiatives, KPN decided to establish an internal RPA Center of Excellence. This Center of Excellence would serve as a central RPA team in the wide organization in order to increase the awareness of the new RPA possibilities and create unity in the automation initiatives of different departments.


In order to successfully implement RPA across the organization, creating awareness about RPA and its added value was the first step. We set up several easily accessible workshops build your own robot’ where KPN employees got the chance to get acquainted with RPA and robots. This enabled some departments to take their first steps in the world of automation and to provide input on which processes needed to be automated in their specific domain. Besides, KPN asked RoboRana to work out RPA best practices, internal RPA regulations and consistent documentation.


  • The setup and support of an internal RPA excellence center by two RoboRana consultants;
  • Adding the capability of creating both UiPath & Automation Anywhere virtual assistants to the COE RPA team;
  • The design of 8 robots, with 15 automated processes as a result;
  • Significantly increased awareness of the possibilities of RPA among Business Process Owners;
  • Representation of the added value of automated processes using demos.
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