Chatbot working together with RPA bot: a game changer!

When Arinti asked us to join their team for the InQbet Robotics and AI Hackathon organized by Procter & Gamble, we didn't hesitate for a minute! The idea for this P&G hackathon was to challenge an audience of tech experts specialized in Robotics with some real-case scenarios. Together with the Arinti team, we took up the challenge to make a virtual and intelligent receptionist that could welcome P&G visitors and handle the manual and repetitive check-in procedures. An ideal scenario to combine a chatbot with a RPA bot. We had only a few days to build a chatbot and automate the back-end tasks like informing the host about the arrival, printing a badge and generating a WiFi access code.

To face this challenge together with the team of Arinti was perfect due to their experience with Chatbots. This meant that we could focus on automating the 'back-end' process — handling the interactions with the different P&G applications to register the visitor and printing the badge — while Arinti could concentrate on a Chatbot to interact with the visitor and collect all the necessary information. The next step was to combine the two technologies (RPA & Chatbots) so that we could streamline the E2E process. We succeeded to activate the RPA bot, once the information, such as name and phone number, is collected by the chatbot. After triggering the RPA bot, the bot is able to automatically handle and finish the check-in request.

In a short amount of time, we successfully created a powerful demo and presented this on the closing event of the P&G hackathon. Our automated process clearly showed the high potential of combining the two technologies and won the price for the best demo.

The demo can be viewed in the video below.

Participating in this Hackathon learned us a lot about the connection and communication between a Chatbot and RPA robot. It gave us a ton of ideas for future projects using both technologies.

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