Using the Appian platform, we deliver the right technology for the right job, by building powerful apps. Appian is a low-code full-stack automation platform, that unites all relevant capabilities to increase your companies' productivity. Those capabilities include robotic process automation, business process management, case management, artificial intelligence and decision rules.

With Appian, RoboRana can bring all your data together into one single interface. This way, we easily integrate systems your company already uses, such as Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, DocuSign, Blue Prism, and even more. We consolidate your systems with zero-code or low-code standard connectors; or we use custom APIs, depending on your wishes.

This results in a well-arranged interface where data can be accessed immediately. By removing data silos and thus unifying data, we create a seamless experience for your users. Moreover, using Appian assures a secure, scalable, reliable and compliant platform, built to deliver enterprise-grade trust. Curious about the possibilities of implementing Appian? Contact us and we will share our experience, based on your needs.

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