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Since Ardo started with a full digital transformation program, an RPA implementation could not be missed. An in-depth analysis of the various business processes made things clear: too much manual work and paper trail, too little efficiency. Process automation was thus necessary.

Currently, we’re taking care of the roll-out of all the automated processes in Belgium. Subsequently, we will extend this automation infrastructure to the foreign business units of Ardo (starting with the UK and Canada). In this way, we build a centralized center of excellence in Belgium, which can be used in the long run to fulfill all the automation needs of the different business units.


Everything starts with a profound analysis of each process. Together with both the process owner and the process stakeholders, we look at how the process is performed manually and the various possibilities to optimize it and make it more efficient. Afterwards we describe the process in detail, identifying which applications, screens, buttons and fields are needed. Once this document is validated by the process owner, we started deploying the automation solution, using the following technologies:


7 processes were automated for the following departments: Finance & Accounting, Logistics & Supply Chain, Master Data and Customer Support. Turnaround time of a process: on average, manual processing took 5 minutes. By robot, this only took 2 minutes, which is a time reduction of 60%. This means that since the beginning of this year, 485 hours of manual work have been saved.

Through automation, the lead time of the following processes has decreased:

  • Processing of storage documents: from 10 to 3 minutes
  • Printing of invoices: from 1 minute to 13 seconds
  • Verifying of IBAN numbers: from 1 minute to 14 seconds
  • Master data entry: from 2 hours to 15 minutes
  • Entry of invoices in ERP system: from 5 minutes to 1 ½ minute

The key result of this automation solution is that we freed up substantial time for more value adding tasks.

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