Manual processes require a lot of time and energy. This is nothing new for Acerta, a full service HR group. Since their first contact with RoboRana, Acerta is continuously on the look-out for new ways to optimize administrative and repetitive tasks, with the help of RPA.


We successfully introduced RPA in the organization by building a pilot process with UiPath. After the first successful project featuring regression testing, Acerta and RoboRana are now continuing their RPA journey with the automation of +10 RPA processes covering every department of the organization.


  • Prioritizing more than 30 candidate processes and hosting an advanced RPA training to scale the virtual workforce and RPA capabilities within the entire organization.
  • Introduction of UiPath during a pilot project with 16 appointed cases in the domain of regression testing.
  • Implementation of 10+ production processes to aid with customer registration, transferring file data in web applications and a mainframe environment.
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