Who we are

We take Intelligent Process Automation to the next level. Let us transform your business to tackle the digital age more efficiently.

Our mission

RoboRana helps organizations transform data- intensive business processes, reduce manual work and errors, minimize costs and improve customer experience. Our Intelligent Process Automation strategy, also know as Hyperautomation, goes further than only Robotics Process Automation (RPA). We created four connected pillars that cover the different pieces an enterprise needs in their automation toolbox.

The first pillar of our toolbox includes Process Insights. By using Business Process Analysis and Process Mining, we strive for in-depth insights in your end-to-end business process by identifying the activities and possible bottlenecks within the process. Fused with process automation, this means continuous improvement and innovation of your organization.

The second pillar, Process Intelligence, stands for the combination of the power of process automation (RPA/BPM) and artificial intelligence (AI). When these two worlds collide, the possibilities within your organization will be endless. Moreover, we cluster the various AI capabilities in three categories: data, document and conversational intelligence.

Thirdly, the pillar RoboRana is well-known for, is Robotic Process Automation. We have an extensive expertise in automating repetitive, high volume and manual tasks, which reduces manual workload and enhances the efficiency and productivity of your business. Moreover, RPA is the most cost-efficient and effective way to automate modern office tasks. Combined with our other pillars, the possibilities are endless.

The last pillar, Business Process Management, includes managing and orchestrating several tasks lists. BPM can easily collaborate with RPA bots or other micro-services. Moreover, it provides direct integration with services of other enterprise platforms, applications, devices and AI services.

When you combine our four connected pillars, your business transformation will be unlike the impact of any automation separately. Our in-depth knowledge of these four Automation pillars and the tools that go with them, will result in more efficiency, more competitiveness, growth and productivity.

Our core values


We are constantly looking for the best solutions with the newest technologies and we live to push the boundaries of existing tools.


With our highly motivated and dedicated team of experts we only have one purpose: to create a meaningful impact and to transform businesses into true digital ecosystems.


By devoting ourselves on RPA and IA we deliver excellence within our core business solving the complex expectations of our customers.


Proud of our network